Unleash Award Winner — Debbie Jeffreys

Having grown up in a small town, Debbie Jeffreys moved to the city right out of high school and spent the next 25 years in the corporate world, mainly in customer service and management roles, working her way up the ladder. Her daughters were just two and three years old when, by choice, she became a single mom. Debbie missed out on many special moments in their childhood years due to work and life commitments.

When she finally made it to where she thought she wanted to be in her career, she came to the disappointing realization that the reality was very different than what she had envisioned. She found that it meant more time away from family and more stress. She had the status and the income, but she didn’t have a life.

Debbie has never been afraid to step into another role, another challenge, another opportunity… On her birthday in July 2010, her sister-in-law introduced her to Skincerity®, a little bottle of product she had been using, and Debbie couldn’t believe the difference it made for her skin. She was blown away — and she wanted in! Although she didn’t have a specific skin concern, for the first time in her life, people — including strangers — were taking the time to tell her that she had beautiful skin. She looked younger, and she saw self-confidence soar in those around her who were also using the product.

At the time, she had no idea what she had her hands on or how it would change her life. NuCerity® was her first experience with network marketing, and she’s thankful to have joined the industry with such an incredible company. She didn’t know anything about direct selling, but with a team of people who took a chance with her, she managed to build a great business around one little bottle of product — it’s that good!

Since taking that leap of faith eight years ago and allowing herself to think “what if,” allowing herself to believe it could happen for her, she has had more time freedom than she ever thought possible. She travels the world meeting amazing people who are much more than just business partners — they are lifelong friends. She is forever grateful that she took the opportunity to do something for herself, on her own terms — the opportunity to re-invent herself and create the lifestyle of her choice. Her desire is to enjoy the simple things, like a sunny day on the deck, and savor every day, living life to the fullest. Time is so precious!

The dream that keeps Debbie going is to have time, freedom and choices in life, and to help others create the lifestyle they choose as well. She wants to be a woman of influence, to make a difference, and to show people the way to a life they didn’t think was possible. ARIIX is the vehicle that can help them reach their dreams if they choose to commit and give themselves a chance. Debbie finds fulfillment in offering others hope and the opportunity to change their lives.

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