Unleash Award — Sloan Fisher

Sloan Fisher had always dreamed of owning her own business. She chose to stay home for 15 years and raise three children, but as the last one went off to Kindergarten, that burning desire returned. Her husband decided to buy a restaurant franchise. This experience helped Sloan to realize that there is not a lot of freedom in that kind of business model. Long hours and large capital and expenses…five years later they had lost everything.

After this tragedy, Sloan became the sole income earner for her family. She knew she had to find a career that would allow her to replace the income they had lost. As she researched her options, she was introduced to the network marketing model. Having studied business and marketing, she recognized it as a viable option: low start-up cost, leveraging other people’s time and talents, working in teams, plus phenomenal, life-changing products.

The most important change Sloan has made is to build belief in herself and never give up! Her dream is to touch as many lives as she can through giving people options that they might not be aware of regarding their health, wealth and future. Many people stop dreaming, but her goal is to prove that it’s possible to truly live the life you imagine.

In 2015, $328,687.73 was the average yearly income for ARIIX Representatives who were classified as full-time, which was 2.47% of all Representatives. When the earnings of all 52,570 ARIIX Representatives were averaged — including those who became Representatives for only a single day — the average yearly earnings in 2015 was $1,557.51.

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