Unleash Award — Leticia Gómez

Leticia Gómez-Portugal was born in Mexico City. She is a single mother of two children, and has worked for 23 years leading customer service and public relations for a well-known group of car dealerships. In 2015, the owner of the company decided to sell, and she knew she had to find another job. It was terrifying to know she was no longer part of the company she had given so much to for more than two decades. Her biggest concern was time with her kids, because her job had given her so much flexibility with her hours and the opportunity to work from home some of the time. She had worked hard to achieve benefits that she knew she wouldn’t find at another traditional job.

Then Leticia was invited to a friend’s house to try the NuCerity® products. She was looking for something to help her dry skin, and she tried Skincerity® right away. She was amazed! Suddenly everybody around her — friends, family and neighbors — started to ask what she was doing differently with her skin. She began sharing the products, and although she was not interested in building a business, she was interested in paying for her monthly Auto-Delivery order through product sales. As she began making commissions each week, her eyes were opened to the opportunity before her.

After attending the opening of the ARIIX office in Mexico City, Leticia went all in! She is a product of the product, she keeps an open mind to learning new things and following her upline’s example, she attends every meeting and every event, and she reads everything she can to learn more about the industry, the products and personal development. Life continues to get better as she works hard and stays committed to her now three-year-old business.

“The most amazing part is that I don´t feel like this is a job. I enjoy it as I never thought I would. Working with people who are positive, who are always trying to help, and who are working on their own development is so contagious!” says Leticia.

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