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The First NewAge Founders Club Revealed

Join us in welcoming new members to the most elite group in the industry!

See the complete list of the very first NewAge Founders Club and use their success as inspiration to fuel yours.

Congratulations to:

Lynn Allen-Johnson, North America

Aaron + Dr. Ginger Decker, North America

Brent Palmer, North America

Todd + Ashley Rowland, North America

Tim + Laura Sales, North America

Dr. Ray + Elizabeth Strand, North America

Duke + Sheila Tubtim, North America

John Wadsworth, North America+ Japan

Jasna Plantak, Latin America

Luz Evangelista, Mexico

Alexandre Blando, Europe

Séverine Cassiede + Grégory Pougis, Europe

Steve Swartz, Europe + North America

Vanessa Wieczorkowski, Europe

Cao Junmei, Greater China

Winnie + Tony Chan, Greater China

Dia Zixian + Sun Lanxin, Greater China

Dang Wenling, Greater China

Huo Guogong + He Kun, Greater China

Li Ying, Greater China

Lin Shuyuan, Greater China

Amy Nie, Greater China

Queen Ng, Greater China

Chen Wei Chen + Hsu Man Hsin, Taiwan

Duncan Chou + Jenny Hsu, Taiwan

Masa Miyama, Japan

Hiroyuki Ochi, Japan

Greg Tedrow, Japan +North America


The NewAge Founders Club is the pinnacle of achievement in social network marketing. It’s the perfect blend of being an independent Brand Partner and the privileges of an executive, including:

  • Opportunity to weigh in on important company decisions
  • Voting rights with NewAge executives
  • Participation in company profit
  • Annual stock options


The new NewAge Founders Club comes with more stringent nomination requirements than ever before. Only our most accomplished and impressive Brand Partners can be nominated based on average weekly sales, years with the company, leadership acumen and market availability.

Once a Brand Partner is nominated, the NewAge CEO and Group President vote to induct them into this elite group of industry leaders. It’s an honor only a few can claim, and we are thrilled to reveal the inaugural list to you!

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