Success Story — Satoshi Koyama

Satoshi Koyama began her journey in the network marketing industry with a company in Japan, which later partnered with ARIIX. As a high school home economics teacher, Satoshi was hesitant to join at first, but when she attended an event and met other women there just like her who were building their own businesses, she thought she could do it, too!

The products she and her customers knew and loved continued under the ARIIX umbrella — including her all-time favorite, V8 — in addition to the many incredible ARIIX products she is now able to offer. She had been building a strong, successful business, and ARIIX took it to a whole new level!

An enthusiastic leader, Satoshi enjoys learning all she can about the products through attending seminars and events. Her favorite products include the Puritii™ Air Filtration System and Vináli™. But her No. 1 favorite is the V8 supplement, available in Japan. She strongly believes in this product and strives to get it into the hands of everyone she meets.

Satoshi looks forward with excitement to the years to come! She believes she can expect to lead a longer, healthier life now, and she enjoys the extra time she has today to vacation with her family and make lasting memories.

From here on out, Satoshi’s goal is to live a life of laughter together with her team and contribute meaningfully and purposefully to society. ARIIX has given her a purpose, helping families to experience freedom outside of the tedious labor of work, day after day. She is excited to work with a global company and meet many young, thriving team members who love building their businesses while at the same time living their lives and enjoying greater health and wealth.

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