Success Story — Mary Collier

Mary Collier had tried her hand at network marketing in the past without much success. She had also sworn off dieting. But like most people, Mary wanted to experience time and financial freedom, and she wanted to get healthy. Even more, she had the desire to help make a difference in the world. She wasn’t looking for ARIIX, but she is forever thankful that her friend shared it with her.

Before_AfterMary learned about the Slenderiiz™ product line and discovered how to implement healthy eating into her lifestyle to create lasting change. She wants to live a long, healthy life and enjoy playing with her grandchildren and traveling the world. She has experienced success by faithfully following the Slenderiiz program and has also made the same commitment to her ARIIX business. She knows that by following her upline leaders and the plan set before her, she can experience business success, too.

“I think you have to really commit to whatever change you want to make… My next goal is to help other people achieve their own goals, whatever they may be!” she says.

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