Success Story — Man Hsin, Hsu

When she was a child, Man Hsin’s father told her to become a boss so that she could have a better quality of life and more time and financial freedom. Therefore, her vision upon entering the direct selling industry was to become her own boss!

In 2012, the ARIIX Founders visited Taiwan. Man Hsin was inspired and deeply moved by these seven leaders, and she decided to join ARIIX without hesitation. Her life became eat, drink, play ARIIX. Through ARIIX, her life is her business, and her business is her life.

When she opens her door, she can smell Priime™ Essential Oils and the fresh air filtered by the Puritii™ Air Purification System. She maintains her weight and optimal health by using the Slenderiiz™ products and all of the incredible ARIIX supplements. She understands how to take care of herself and her family with correct health concepts. She leads with more patience and deeply understands the value of her life.

Man Hsin’s dreams came true because of ARIIX. She now has more options for her life and can enjoy it the way she chooses. Her goal is to double her sales in 2018 and help more partners to Unleash the Human Potential for Good. And her most important goal is to make ARIIX the most well known company on the globe!

Last, but not least, Man Hsin thanks her husband, Wei Chen, for completely supporting her and sharing the same vision to achieve their goals together. They have a healthier and happier life since joining ARIIX. They find true happiness in holding charity events for children and serving others. They deeply believe that ARIIX can make a difference not only in their lives, but in the lives of everyone they meet!

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