Success Story — Lola Qian

Lola Qian is no stranger to entrepreneurship — she owns three traditional businesses in China — but she had never tried network marketing until she was introduced to the ARIIX products by a friend. Her mother’s health had always been a challenge, so she started her on the Nutrifii™ and Puritii™ product lines. As her mother began to feel better, Lola and her entire family also began using the products and became big advocates of them.

Lola made the transition from product user to business builder for three reasons: 1) ARIIX is a simple platform on which to build a business. 2) ARIIX is not about recruiting; it’s about focusing on consistency and investing in teammates for the long-term, and the company continually merges with new partners to provide an ever-expanding opportunity. 3) The ACTIV8™ Compensation Plan, ARIIX Travel™ and ARIIX Opportunity Rewards truly offer the potential for financial freedom and an incredible lifestyle at every level.

Lola strives to be a good role model in her business, teaching and training her teammates to also be good leaders and role models. In this way, others naturally follow their example. She believes that if you stay positive, focused and flexible, others will do the same. As a leader, she is willing to roll up her sleeves and do the hard work. This opportunity is not a task or a job — it’s a career and it takes time.

Several years ago, having earned enough income to just relax, enjoy life, travel and be with her kids, Lola decided to immigrate to Canada. ARIIX gives her life meaning and she is able to continue giving back, helping others to be healthy and build their own business.

Lola’s goal is to continue to build a culture of helping others. People join ARIIX not necessarily because of the income, but because of the culture and community, so she seeks leaders with the right attitude, who are positive and willing to help others.

ARIIX does not guarantee any level of income or success to any Representative. Earnings from the ARIIX ACTIV8™ Compensation Plan depend on each Representative’s sales, business skills, ability and personal application. Please see the ARIIX Income Disclosure Statement for complete information regarding the earnings of ARIIX Representatives.

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