Success Story — Glynnis Schwan

Glynnis Schwan discovered at a young age that she is passionate about children. In college, she studied Early Childhood Education and worked in a variety of childcare facilities until her first son was born. When she struggled to secure childcare for him, her husband suggested that she open her own childcare business. So that is what she did! She was able to raise both of her sons in her home while operating her own childcare business.

During one of the routine inspections of her home business, the Licensing Officer asked if Glynnis had ever thought about Licensing as a career. This piqued her interest, and in 2002 she began a career as a Licensing Officer. This year marks her seventeenth year working in a variety of roles within the Licensing program.

Glynnis has always been passionate about helping people, and ensuring vulnerable populations are safe has allowed her to fulfill that passion. As an ARIIX Representative, she is able to connect with people and help them achieve their dreams, fulfilling her passion in yet another way. She feels fortunate to be able to pursue both her career and the opportunity to be an entrepreneur.

Glynnis was introduced to NuCerity by her oldest son, who was working in remote parts of Northern Alberta in the oil and gas industry, where he was exposed to many toxins and chemicals on a daily basis. His colleague provided him with a bottle of Skincerity® and explained that each night he was to roll it on and it would help keep his skin moisturized. He called Glynnis, so excited to share about the product. He encouraged her to try it for more youthful-looking skin.

Since then, Glynnis has been on a journey to help others maintain optimal health and wellness. One of the most important changes she made was believing in herself. She has an amazing upline that encourages her, holds her accountable, and supports her to learn and grow each and every day. She has a wonderful team and they all acknowledge that “together is better.” Glynnis feels very fortunate that her incredible husband is also part of her team. She chooses to surround herself with individuals who she admires and respects, who push her to strive for excellence and become a better version of herself.

Her dream is to create a legacy for her family; to have choices and the ability to create freedom is magical. Her next goal is to grow her team. She is always ready to link arms with those who want to experience this amazing opportunity, who want to dream bigger and create abundance in all aspects of their lives!

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