Success Story — Coby and Marco Boelen

Coby and Marco Boelen had worked hard for three years to build a business with another network marketing company, when the rug was pulled out from under them and the company closed overnight. They had a team without products, opportunity or income. It was an inconceivable position in which to find themselves.

They were offered a place at many other companies, and the incentives were tempting. But Coby and Marco were looking for the kind of quality products and compensation plan that last — the kind of company they could build a legacy with. When they learned about ARIIX, and in particular the ARIIX Bill of Rights, they felt a sense of trust and security which they had sorely missed. Their team was warmly welcomed into the ARIIX family, and they all recognized that the products were something they could stand behind. Coby and Marco were especially happy to hear that a new product would be created with them in mind, to fulfill the need for antioxidants. The product? Everyone’s favorite superfood, superfruit, superhero supplement, Moa™!

With ARIIX, the couple faced challenges they had never faced before. They had always been very ambitious, always with the heart and intent to help others. But they had never stopped to build belief in themselves. It took building a new business in a new market to show them their own determination, commitment and strength. And, although they had many ideas over the years and led trainings and created materials, they came to realize that people do what they see their leaders do. They learned that duplication truly is the key.

Along the way to the top, Coby and Marco have learned to truly embrace personal development, consistency, focus, strong communication and leadership. They believe anyone can achieve their goals with ARIIX, and it is their goal to share this with everyone they meet.

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