Success Story — Aleksandra Quartel

Aleksandra has worked as a healthcare aide for the past 12 years, but when her hours were reduced and she began dipping into savings to make up the difference, this wife and mother of two knew she had to create an additional source of income.

NuCerity was her first experience with direct selling, and even though it was scary to think she had to start talking to new people, Aleksandra was also excited about the adventure. She was introduced to the company by a friend who experienced amazing results with Skincerity®. Aleksandra now also uses Skincerity every day. Seeing her own skin’s transformation, as well as other people’s, has made her a strong believer in the product, and she wants to share it with the world.

Before joining NuCerity, Aleksandra was a shy person who would never strike up a conversation with a stranger and had a hard time making new friends. Her biggest transformation has been to her self-confidence. Now she meets new people every day, easily engages in conversation, and even embraces public speaking! Because she chose to be brave and step out of her comfort zone, her life has changed and she has changed many other people’s lives as well. She has built a team of amazing people, and she’s not going to let them down.

Aleksandra’s dream is to grow and become a better leader and problem solver, so that she can help thousands of people transform their health and experience financial freedom with ARIIX!

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