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R&D: Quality — Product Certifications

Have you ever been asked any of the following questions by Reps, employees, friends or neighbors?

  1. Why product certifications?
  2. Who issues certifications and what do they certify?
  3. What do certifications tell us about the certified product?
  4. Which certifications do the ARIIX products have, and what do they mean?
  5. Why aren’t all ARIIX products certified?

Keep reading, because we’ve got the easiest answers to these popular questions.

1. Why product certifications?
Anyone can claim their product is of superior quality (and many do), but simply claiming this does not make it so. For this reason, ARIIX maintains product certifications by external organizations. While we know the ARIIX Gold Seal of Approval signifies our commitment to product excellence and quality, not everyone is familiar with this Seal, and new customers may not understand its significance.

2. Who issues certifications and what do they certify?
Many different organizations specialize in certifying different aspects of the product. For example, some organizations certify that a product meets label claims, while others certify that the product is manufactured under certain conditions, and a third group of agencies may certify both criteria together.

3. What do certifications tell us about the certified product?
Certifications affirm our commitment to efficacious and quality products from an unbiased, third-party source. When examining product certifications, it is essential to understand the specific focus of each certifying agency and the scope of the certification being issued. Because of this difference in scope for varying certificates, it can be desirable to obtain several certifications for the same product, as each may tell us something different about the product.

4. Which certifications do the ARIIX products have, and what do they mean?
With more than 13 certifying, testing and registration organizations, our products are routinely submitted for stringent review.

Let’s examine the current certifications held by ARIIX to more fully explore this idea. ARIIX currently holds certifications from the following agencies:


  • NSF certifies that each product under the certification meets label claim and is manufactured in a facility that meets NSF requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Some of our Nutrifii™ products are certified by NSF.

Informed Sport

  • Informed Sport certification indicates that a product has been tested and is found to be free from contamination or products prohibited in athletic competitions (e.g., performance-enhancing substances).
  • The Nutrifii products and Day & Night Drops are certified through Informed Sport.


  • ConsumerLab certification includes blind testing (i.e., samples aren’t provided by ARIIX, but are purchased and tested by ConsumerLab) to verify product safety and quality.
  • Nutrifii products are certified through ConsumerLab.


  • Kosher certification means that products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Jewish dietary law and are acceptable for consumption by adherents to that faith.
  • Kosher certification is also valued by non-practitioners of the Jewish faith, as it shows that the products are reviewed in detail by knowledgeable professionals (Rabbis) who ensure that the products meet the high standards for Kosher and are free from contamination.
  • Currently, PureNourish™, Power Boost™ and Beauty Boost™ are certified through EarthKosher.


  • Halal certification means that a product is manufactured in accordance with the dietary laws of the Islamic faith and is acceptable for consumption by practicing Muslims.
  • Nutrifii and Slenderiiz — except Slenderiix™ and Xceler8™ — are certified through Islamic Services of America (ISA) and Islamic Services of the Washington Area (ISWA).

PETA (Beauty Without Bunnies)

  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, is an organization which advocates for animals and animal rights. They also recognize products which are not tested on animals.
  • ARIIX products currently recognized by PETA as part of their Beauty Without Bunnies program include Jouvé™, Reviive™, Priime™ and Nutrifii.

Cruelty-Free International (Leaping Bunny)

  • Cruelty-Free International is another organization which advocates for the elimination of product testing on animals.
  • Jouvé and Reviive are certified under the Leaping Bunny program.

Environmental Working Group (EWG)

  • The EWG is an environmental advocacy organization specializing in research into agricultural policy, toxic chemicals and accountability of corporations. EWG verifies products against dozens of databases of known toxic chemicals to ensure verified products are free from these chemicals.
  • Jouvé and Reviive products are verified by EWG.

Additionally, we have product certificates (though not product certifications, per se) from:

ELISA Technologies

  • We perform annual verifications that our products meet the regulatory standards for gluten-free.

5. Why aren’t all ARIIX products certified?
Our products are continually being vetted and considered for further testing and certifications. These certifications represent a significant investment in time and financial resources. Because of this strategic commitment, our products are only certified under the most beneficial certification programs.

In addition to our specific product certifications, our strategic partners maintain certain registrations and certifications. These include:

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Registration

  • Requirement to manufacture Dietary Supplement, Personal Care or Cosmetic products within the USA.
  • Not a certification (FDA does not certify products), but registration with FDA means a manufacturer will be audited by FDA personnel to ensure products are free from contamination.

NSF Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification

  • Certifies that a manufacturing facility meets NSF requirements for cGMP, which meet or exceed US FDA requirements.
  • Required for NSF Certification of products.

ISO 17025 Certification

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard for laboratory operations; similar to a cGMP certification for a manufacturing facility.
  • Provides confidence that a laboratory possesses the technical knowledge and capability to accurately perform analyses.
  • Our laboratory strategic partners maintain this certification through ISO.

Natural Products Association (NPA) Membership

  • The NPA is a watchdog organization which works within the industry to ensure natural products are made in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The NPA also advocates sustainable ingredients and disseminates recent advances in scientific research to the industry.

We hope this summary helps you better understand the certifications that our products carry and our ongoing commitment to providing you and yours with the safest and highest-quality products.

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