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Your Product FAQs — Answered!

Greetings ARIIX Family,
For our June Quality Message, we thought it would be helpful to highlight the answers to some of the product questions we have recently received.
Q. Can you bake with PureNourish or use it with hot water or other hot applications?
A. PureNourish powder is formulated to deliver a blend of protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, along with a probiotic, all to promote digestive health. This formulation works best when prepared with room-temperature water. That’s not to say that it can’t be used in hot applications, such as hot water or baking — several recipes using this powder as a flour substitute can be found on the website. However, if the product is prepared with hot water or is baked, the effectiveness of the vitamins, enzymes and probiotics decreases, though the protein and minerals remain effective. Also, the flavor may be affected with the application of heat.
Q. Why does my Power Boost and/or Beauty Boost have clumps in it?
A. This can occur as the powder absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, which would be expected if pouches are left open in a hot or humid environment. In order to minimize this occurrence, we have added a stronger desiccant to the pouches, but this does not mean that clumping won’t occur, especially if the pouches are left open or exposed to high moisture. To preserve the flow of the powder, it is best to leave the product in its original pouch, expel air from the pouch prior to closing, and keep the pouch closed when you are not using the product. If you do experience clumping of your powder, don’t worry: the efficacy of the product has not decreased, and the clumps can be broken up by hand or the powder can be added to water to dissolve.
Q. Why did my Puritii Water Filter break where you attach the straw?
A. This can occur if a bending force is applied to the straw when attaching it to the filter. This bending force applies leverage to the attachment and can cause it to break off. This is best prevented by inserting the attachment point into the straw and pressing the straw straight onto the filter/filter straight into the straw. A video will be released shortly demonstrating this process.
Q. Why are my Omega-Q and Biopro-Q capsules sticking together?
A. As the weather warms up, we receive reports of Omega-Q and Biopro-Q soft gel capsules sticking together in bottles. This occurs because the heat makes the gelatin capsules become soft and sticky. In a bottle, this results in the capsules sticking together in a large clump, which may be too large to fit through the mouth of the bottle. Pulling the capsules apart at this point can result in tearing of the gelatin shell and the leaking out of the oil within. If this clumping happens, don’t worry — there is a way to break apart the clump without breaking the capsules. Simply place the bottle in a refrigerator for a few minutes to allow the capsules’ temperature to reach approximately 4°C, then pinch the sides of the bottle to break the adhesion of the capsules to the inner wall of the bottle, and then gently shake the bottle from side to side. The clump will break up and release the capsules, which can then be taken normally. The efficacy of the capsules is not affected by cooling or shaking. A video will be released shortly demonstrating this process.
Q. I have air in my Puritii Water Filter, but no holes in the straw or filter. Why is this happening?
A. We’ve received a few reports of Puritii Water Bottles that have had air entering the flow of water, despite having no holes in the straw or filter. When these were examined, we found buildup inside the valve under the mouthpiece, which resulted in the deterioration of the valve material, weakening the seal and allowing air to enter the flow while water was drawn through the bottle.
Below is an example of this buildup, which is caused by microbial growth (the microbes were most likely deposited in the valve from water back-washed from the mouth).
In order to preserve the integrity and prolong the useful life of your Puritii Water Bottle, please refer to the attached video for instructions on cleaning the Puritii Water Bottle lid valve and mouthpiece. We recommend cleaning this valve at minimum each time you change your filter (recommended filter life is 60 days). A video will be released shortly demonstrating this process.
Q. Why are the Slenderiiz droppers a different size?
A. We have received several inquiries regarding the difference in the size of the droppers used with Slenderiix and Xceler8 drops, with one dropper having a 0.75ml graduation (photo below, left) and the other dropper having a 0.70ml graduation (photo below, right). This difference is due to the 0.70ml serving size of Slenderiix, requiring a special dropper size. Xceler8 has a 2ml serving size, so a special dropper is not needed. We have heard you, and because so many have expressed concern regarding the difference between these droppers, we have changed our practices to using only one dropper type. From June 2018 onward, all drop products will now have the special droppers with the 0.70ml graduation (photo below, right).
Slenderiiz Droppers
We hope this information helps as you enjoy our high-quality, innovative products for improved health and wellness. Thanks again for all you do to make ARIIX a world-class organization!

Jeffrey Smith
ARIIX Quality Assurance

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