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Post Your Transformation Story for Your Chance to Win Exciting Prizes!

Make beneficial changes to your health and accelerate your weight loss with Nutrifii™ and Slenderiiz®. Boast glowing, younger-looking skin with NuCerity® and Jouvé®. Or gain financial independence with the ARIIX opportunity. Whatever you do with ARIIX, you gain the potential to transform your life. This transformation can serve as your most powerful sales tool, motivating others to begin their own transformative journey.

Now you can post your Transformation story and access others from around the world with the ARIIX Connect app. What’s more? Your post is your entry to win prizes each month!

So we want to know! How has the ARIIX opportunity transformed your life?

Monthly Lucky Draw
Each month, from September 2019 through March 2020, you have the chance to win a T-shirt signed by ARIIX executives and a product that relates to your personal Transformation story.

To play, post your Transformation story to the ARIIX Connect app. At the end of each month, we’ll randomly select a winner from stories published that month.

If you already posted a story, you don’t have to miss out the following month. You can post another!
From the ARIIX opportunity to the wide variety of life-changing products, your life can be transformed in so many ways. So don’t limit yourself! Share stories in multiple categories — from financial success to younger-looking skin and weight loss. Browse the categories in the ARIIX Connect app for inspiration!

Lucky Draw winners will be announced:
September 30
October 31
November 29
December 31
January 31
February 28
March 12

DiamondsPost with the Most
No matter how big or small the change, your story makes an impact. When an account is impactful, others will share it to motivate their team and prospects.

To reward you for posting a meaningful story, the person with the most shared Transformation post over a three-month period (July 2019 through March 2020) will win the opportunity to select an ARIIX Diamonds product valued at $500 USD! The winner will be announced at the end of the third month.

Diamond winners will be announced:
September 30 (July–Sept 2019)
December 31 (Oct–Dec 2019)
March 12 (Jan–March 2020)

World Reunion 2020_ariixwp.azurewebsites.net_Event_PageGreatest Transformation Story
The Reps with the most powerful stories — those with the most significant impact, most shares, most likes, or most inspirational — will receive two FREE tickets to AMPLIFY World Reunion Macao 2020 and be featured on stage!

Recipients will be selected from a pool of those who have already purchased tickets to AMPLIFY and posted their Transformation story between July 2019 and March 2020. Our World Reunion winners will be announced on March 12, 2020.

And the greatest Transformation story will receive two free tickets to AMPLIFY, plus free airfare, a private coaching session with one of our Founders, and will be featured at World Reunion and in marketing materials throughout 2020!

Check out the Transformation overview blog to learn how to post your story and gain access to other life-changing stories from ARIIX Reps around the world!

Enter today for your chance to win!
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