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Medical Biologist Alla Baliuk Joins ARIIX Wellness Council

ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxin-free living, is pleased to announce the addition of Alla Baliuk to the ARIIX Wellness Council. The ARIIX Wellness Council is composed of an exclusive group of extraordinary health, wellness, and fitness professionals from around the world that help shape the decisions and direction of the ARIIX wellness product line.

Alla Baliuk is a medical biologist from Ukraine. In 1995, she received her master’s degree in biology and chemistry from the Medical University in Ukraine, where she specialized in genetics and IVF. In 2001, she put her education to work at the Medical Hospital of Israel, focusing on endocrinology. She inevitably became interested in the topic of healthy living and pursued multiple diplomas and certifications, including nutritionist, alternative psychologist, NLP practitioner, and immune diet therapist. She even studied clinical genetics.

During her 20 years of practice, Alla Baliuk has applied her combined knowledge of conventional and alternative medicines to the benefit of her patients. She has also dedicated much of her time to education, regularly presenting online webinars where she discusses healthy living, sharing her knowledge and excitement for ARIIX supplements in addition to the incredible transformations of her patients.

“I have experienced many excellent results working with ARIIX and have based many of my own programs on ARIIX products,” said Alla Baliuk. “I am educated as an endocrinologist and nutritionist and am well-versed in the interaction of components in supplements, as well as in their epigenetic effect on the body. I know what pathologies natural ingredients work with, as well as which vitamins and minerals are best for overcoming many health issues.”

“I am excited to be joining the ARIIX Wellness Council and hope my many years of experience and knowledge will help to contribute to the development of new products and to improve existing formulas if necessary,” she said.

“We are pleased to welcome Alla Baliuk to the Wellness Council. Her expertise is impressive, and her enthusiasm for education and helping others improve their lives is inspiring. We look forward to her contributions as part of the Council as we work together in the future.”

Deanna Latson, ARIIX Chief Product Officer


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