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Heshie Segal Named ARIIX Global Puritii® Ambassador

BOUNTIFUL, Utah — ARIIX, a unique and disruptive international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxin-free living, is proud to announce that ARIIX Representative Heshie Segal has been named Global Puritii® Ambassador for the ARIIX Puritii Water Filtration System.

Heshie is a renowned speaker, business leader, entrepreneur and tireless children’s advocate. Founder of Kids Better World, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clean water to children in need, Heshie devotes countless hours and personal resources to bringing the Puritii Water Filtration System to children throughout the world. Featured twice in Inc. Magazine for her inspirational leadership, her vast circle of influence, and her role as a self-described “children’s champion,” Heshie is facilitating positive change in the lives of children on a global scale.

“It’s individuals like Heshie Segal that are truly changing the world,” says Mark Wilson, ARIIX President and Founder. “Her passion, dedication and devoted child advocacy is not only saving countless lives, but also empowering countless lives. Heshie is a true inspiration, and ARIIX is honored to partner with her as our official Global Puritii Ambassador.”

“Water is the most essential element to life, and having access to clean drinking resources should be everyone’s right. We are all part of a global community and children everywhere need help. We can all make a difference in the lives of children by working together to provide them with adequate resources to grow, survive and thrive. I’m passionate about the incredible difference Puritii has made in the lives of so many, and it’s my heartfelt goal to bring the Puritii Water Filtration System to all seven continents as a clean water resource. I’m grateful for my partnership with ARIIX as we work together to change lives across the globe,” says Heshie.

About Puritii
The Puritii Water Filtration System is a technological breakthrough in filter design exclusively engineered by ARIIX. Winner of the Best of State Best Sports and Recreation Products Award and Silver Stevie Award for Best New Product of the Year, Puritii is a proprietary, portable water filtration system that provides safe, fresh, clean drinking water without the cost, environmental impact or potentially harmful toxins of bottled or tap water. For more information, visit

ARIIX is a unique and disruptive international opportunity company that creates efficacious, toxin-free products developed through collaboration with world-renowned experts and marketed through independent representatives. The ARIIX opportunity and brands are available in Australia, Canada, Greater China including Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and the United States. For more information, please visit or call 1-855-GO-ARIIX.

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