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Help Eradicate Period Poverty With Move Africa

Every woman deserves dignity and the ability to be who and what she wants, but we still have work to do to make that dream a reality. Take, for instance, the fact that one in ten girls in Africa miss up to a week of classes every month or drop out of school altogether due to the unaffordability of feminine sanitary products. 

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the global NewAge network will support our team at NewAge Africa and the good works of Move Africa in eradicating period poverty and empowering young women and girls. And you can help, too!

NewAge + Move Africa

Move Africa is a South Africa-based nonprofit that identifies products with the potential to aid socioeconomic development, such as feminine hygiene products for young women and girls. That’s where NewAge comes in! The NewAge Africa team has partnered with Move Africa and the All About Her program to supply reusable menstrual cups to underserved communities across Africa.

Working with All About Her helps us impact young women’s and girls’ lives in meaningful ways. Not only are we helping create awareness of a needlessly awkward issue, but we drive real action to empower them in their education.

Why Menstrual Cups?

It’s hard to imagine experiencing loss of opportunity due to your monthly menstruation, but for many young girls in Africa, that’s the reality. In fact, a UNICEF study found that women and girls without access to sanitary products are more likely to suffer from health conditions like vaginal and urinary tract infections.

Menstrual cups offer a perfect solution compared to other sanitary products because they’re:

  • Reusable for up to ten years
  • A more affordable long-term solution
  • Wearable for up to 12 hours, instead of 4-6 like other sanitary products
  • Safer and cleaner by preventing dryness and preserving healthy bacteria to protect against infections
  • More convenient by holding more fluid
  • More discreet by eliminating odor and not requiring attention throughout the day

Give It + We’ll Match It

Giving back has never been easier. Now through March 31, head to the ‘Give It’ section of your NewAge Business Rewards app to donate your Business Credits in support of Move Africa. For every Business Credit you pledge, we’ll match the value in USD!

Building awareness isn’t enough — let’s get active and create a real impact! Your donation will directly advance the work of eradicating period poverty and preserving the dignity and right to education of women worldwide.

To donate through the NewAge Business Rewards app, simply download from the App Store or Google Play, then log in and navigate to the ‘Give It’ section.

To donate through NewAge Office, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your NewAge Office Dashboard
  2. Navigate to ‘My Money’ on the left-side column
  3. Select “NewAge Business Rewards” from the drop-down menu
  4. Log in to the platform
  5. Select ‘Give It’
  6. Select ‘Move Africa’
  7. Enter the number of Business Credits you’d like to donate
  8. Hit the ‘Donate’ button!

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