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Partners in Life & at Work – Is It Possible?

Have a dream work project and are wondering if you could get your partner involved? How can you succeed as NewAge Brand Partners together? Let two of our successful power couples share their tips with you!

Déborah Hueber and Paul Barnier, along with Helen Blesa Martínez and Stefano Orrù, have been interviewed by the French magazine BIBA to talk about the advantages of working together as a couple and which rules must be followed to do so successfully.


Make sure each of you have your own space and separate personal life from professional life!

“We share everything […]. We see each other all the time! Even if we love it […] I work in one room, and Stefano in another. And, above all, […] personal discussions can’t take place while we work,” says Helen.


“We work in the same company and have similar goals but different teams, which allows us to talk about the same thing without interfering with each other’s work,” shares Stefano. “We complement each other, the strengths of one complement those of the other,” adds Paul.

Yes, the fact that you have two different personalities is a strength! Each one views things from a different perspective and therefore can help the other deal with problems and find solutions more easily. Plus, you share goals and are both familiar with the company’s values, so you will understand each other’s struggles even more and become more united as you support one another.


Remember to be convinced and passionate about what you do and the company you belong to, or it won’t work! Regarding this, both couples agree in something: “NewAge offers very high-quality products and a fair Compensation Plan which truly rewards its Brand Partners, making it possible to maintain an ever-growing team”.


Yes, don’t be afraid. With the support of NewAge and the tips just shared, you can thrive as an entrepreneurial couple and live the life you want, together!

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