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NewAge’s sales register record of over $125 million in sales in 2021 Q1.

What a start to 2021! The level of energy and excitement our company has been witnessing and feeling around the globe has never been higher.  We’re experiencing record growth in many of our markets, led by triple-digit — yes, you read that right — triple-digit growth in France, Italy, Spain and Mexico, just to name a few! By working in lockstep, we’re providing exciting opportunities for people to connect in new ways and at a velocity like we’ve never seen before. We are the industry disruptor!

We recently reported record first quarter financial results, with sales reaching over $125 million – an all-time high! Even with the headwinds of a global pandemic, our Brand Partners’ commitment, passion and relentless efforts to be the best have put NewAge on a course for a record-setting year. As a publicly traded, Nasdaq listed company, this success is also being recognised by Wall Street, in New York (US), where some of the best and brightest are taking note. One of these Wall Street analysts who follows NewAge said the following:

“NBEV reported 1Q21 net sales of $125.5M, beating our estimate of $120M. The beat was driven by stronger than expected sales from the company’s direct selling businesses of $114M vs $107M. Net sales grew 39% sequentially as the company’s ARIIX business delivered outsized growth during the Q, posting triple-digit sales growth in the U.S., Latin America, Italy and France — with management noting that the European market is now the company’s largest and fastest-growing market, representing 30% of overall sales and growing 100%+ YoY.”

It’s a significant achievement to “beat” Wall Street’s expectations and we did just that! Combining all our companies over the last few months is paying off in so many ways and we’re just getting started. The analyst goes on to say:

“NBEV continues to find ways to improve its direct selling platform, leveraging IP AND technology to bring real-time data and feedback to its network of over 400,000 Brand Partners. We see the company’s social selling platform as a differentiated strategy, with management noting that many traditional CPG companies are trying to move towards a more direct selling model while highlighting that social feed recommendations have become the largest drivers of consumer purchases. We see potential for the company’s focus on supporting its salespeople with new and innovative proprietary technology to not only drive incremental sales growth organically, but also attract more Brand Partners into the sales force.”

Our Brand Partners are a part of a business that is ahead of the curve. This analyst mentions that some of the largest consumer companies in the world are now trying to do what we’ve been doing for years in direct sales, because it is the way business will be done both now and in the future.

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