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NewAge Integration FAQs – ARIIX

Will I still be referred to as an ARIIX Representative?
ARIIX Representatives will now be referred to as Brand Partners.

Will the ARIIX identity be gone?       
Everything you know and love about the company — including the ARIIX brand — will remain. Additionally, as a part of NewAge, you’ll now be able to engage in the amazing benefits our partner companies have to offer!

Will my ID number change?       
Only slightly. For ARIIX Representatives, we’ll add the letter “A” in front of your current ID number. E.g.: A6000000.

Will Partner Support numbers be changed?
As the two companies come together, it’s possible that contact numbers may change. However, the numbers you currently use to contact Partner Support will continue to route as usual, indefinitely.

Can I return something that I ordered before the merger?
Yes, your parent company’s return policy will still apply for the first 30 days following July 19, 2021.

Will ARIIX still have partners, Wellness & Athletes Councils?
Yes, all of the councils you’re used to interacting with at ARIIX will carry over after the transition.


Is our Compensation Plan changing?           
No. The ACTIV8 Compensation Plan is now called the NewAge Compensation Plan.

Where in the “tree” will Noni Representatives be placed? Will any ARIIX Representatives benefit from the placement?
No current ARIIX Representatives will benefit from the placement of Noni/Zennoa organisations. All current Noni/Zennoa Representatives will operate under their own organisational placement. Noni/Zennoa will be placed in the NewAge organisation under their current organisational structure. With a qualifying Power Re-entry, partnerships may be formed with current Noni/Zennoa Representatives.

Can I cross-recruit?
No. Noni by NewAge Independent Product Consultants and Zennoa Affiliates are considered in the same light as ARIIX Representatives, and all cross-sponsoring activities are prohibited.

Is my title going to change?
No. Your ARIIX title will remain the same.

How do I enrol a new Brand Partner or a Preferred Customer?          
Brand Partner: you’ll access the enrolment process as you always have through either the website or the Back Office.
Preferred Customer: head to the shopping cart and have your customer add an item to their cart and click on “Subscribe & Save”. As they check out, they’ll complete a very simple sign-up process to become a Preferred Customer.

Will I be able to enrol people in new countries?
Yes! One of the primary benefits of our partnership with NewAge is access to all of the countries that both Zennoa and Noni by NewAge support.

Can I make changes to my tree as part of the transition?
After July 19, we’ll continue to follow our regular compliance guidelines to make any changes within your organisation.


Will we still have access to all ARIIX products?          
Yes! You’ll still be able to purchase and promote all the ARIIX products you know and love. We’re excited to merge all companies’ incredible product lines!

Will we have access to new products?      
Yes! As each company joins forces, you’ll gain access to new products through the end of this year. Going forward, new product launches will be available across all companies.

Can we purchase and enrol with Noni and Zennoa products?      
Yes, most product offerings will be combined following July 19.

Where can I find new product information?
Product information can be found in your Back Office Library as well as the new NewAge Share app!


Is our website going to change?             
Yes, a new website and shopping experience will be launched on July 19!

Will we be getting a new Back Office?
Yes, as of July 19, your Back Office experience will look a little bit different. All of the Compensation Plan reports and xOffice features you know and love will carry over.

Will I need to reset my password?
No, you won’t need to reset your password.

Can I still log into xOffice?         
As of July 19, all of your historical reporting information will be transferred to your new Back Office experience.

Do I need to enter any personal information including setting up a new Auto-Delivery in the new back office?
No, your Auto-Delivery order as well as credit card information will carry over to the new Back Office.

Will ARIIX Connect still be available?     
ARIIX Connect won’t be available following July 19. We encourage you to head to the app store to download the robust NewAge Share app, which will have everything ARIIX Connect has, and more! With this innovative app, you’ll be able to build your business, access reports, and learn about products, features and even more!


What will happen to the AOR Programme?        
Although the name is changing to NewAge Business Rewards, the programme and its incredible rewards will remain the same.

What will happen to the Lifestyle Perks Programme?         
Although the name is changing to NewAge Lifestyle Perks, earning and redeeming will remain the same.

What will happen to my Auto-Delivery?
Now called ‘Subscription’, your 4-week cycle orders will continue to be processed as usual.

Will we be able to go on incentive trips? 
Due to the pandemic, most countries won’t be going on formal incentive trips in 2021, but watch the NewAge Business Rewards app for other amazing incentive opportunities.

Will we have combined events?      
Yes! Following July 19, all corporate-sponsored events will be combined.


How can I contact Partner Support?
You can get in touch by contacting us through email or phone. Please see the details below:

UK/English Support
Phone: +44 1213680043

What are the opening hours for Partner Support?
Please see the Partner Support opening hours below:

Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland
Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. CET/CEST 

Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden
Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CET/CEST

Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia
Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET/CEST

UK/English Support
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. GMT/BST

Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Israel Time

What are the current shipping prices  and times?
The products’ delivery varies in each country and the time is only an estimative. The shipping prices apply as per below:

 0-2 Kg2-5 Kg5-7 Kg7-10 Kg10-15 Kg15-20 Kg20-25 KgShipping Times
Bulgaria€16.39€25.55€33.84€36.44€46.90€52.09€52.092-4 days
Croatia€6.71€6.71€6.71€6.71€13.48€13.48€20.142-4 days
Cyprus€28.08€28.08€28.08€28.08€28.08€37.38€47.443-5 days
Czech Republic€12.90€12.90€12.90€12.90€12.90€12.90€12.902-4 days
Denmark€11.90€11.90€11.90€11.90€11.90€11.90€11.903-5 days
Estonia€20.24€20.24€23.84€23.84€31.57€31.57€45.972-4 days
Finland€16.90€16.90€16.90€16.90€16.90€16.90€16.902-4 days
Greece€17.90€17.90€17.90€19.90€19.90€22.90€22.903-5 days
Hungary€4.75€4.75€6.60€6.60€6.92€6.92€7.222-4 days
Ireland€12.90€12.90€12.90€12.90€17.90€17.90€17.902-4 days
Norway€12.34€12.34€18.13€18.13€18.13€18.13€25.292-4 days
Latvia€17.50€17.50€20.98€20.98€28.52€28.52€42.352-4 days
Lithuania€14.58€14.58€18.22€18.22€25.35€25.35€38.892-4 days
Poland€8.90€8.90€8.90€8.90€8.90€8.90€8.902-4 days
Portugal€14.90€14.90€14.90€14.90€14.90€14.90€14.902-4 days
Romania€12.73€13.25€13.25€13.25€14.03€14.03€14.032-4 days
South Africa€58.31€84.95€103.68€103.68€103.68€103.68€103.68Up to 10 days
Sweden€13.90€13.90€13.90€13.90€13.90€13.90€13.902-4 days
UK/Northern Ireland€11.88€11.88€11.88€11.88€11.88€11.88€11.883-5 days

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