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Grazia Magazine Features Women’s Successful Stories in Network Marketing

NewAge, Inc., the organic and healthy products’ company intending to become the world’s leading social selling and distribution company, is happy to announce that it has been featured on the French Magazine Grazia website! 

The article highlights female successful stories in Network Marketing by sharing the journeys of Severine Pero, Sophie Romo-Gomez and Vanille Wieczorkowski, three NewAge incredible leaders and top Power Rankers in France.


“I grew thanks to this company and this business. I felt withdrawn from society and direct selling completely boosted my self-esteem and broke my mental barriers.”

Severine Pero

There is no distinction between men and women when it comes to remuneration. Regardless of gender, Brand Partners receive exactly the same remuneration according to their performance in the business.

“The classic, competitive world of work is crumbling… in Network Marketing, we’re cohesive. Result: there is room for everyone!”

Sophie Romo-Gomez

If you’re interested in joining the NewAge Business and become a Brand Partner, you can do so by getting in touch with an existing Brand Partner or simply by clicking here.

“It has changed me as a woman, I gained confidence in myself. It has motivated me!”

Vanille Wieczorkowski

About NewAge, Inc.
NewAge is a purpose-driven firm intending to become the world’s leading social selling and distribution company. The company commercialises a portfolio of organic and healthy products worldwide through primarily a direct route-to-market system, and competes in three major category platforms including health and wellness, inner and outer beauty, and nutrition and weight control — leading a network of more than 400,000 exclusive independent distributors and brand partners around the world. The company operates the websites,, , and   

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