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ARIIX Observatory Report on Italians’ Wellness During Quarantine

ARIIX, a NewAge, Inc. company, is glad to share the results emerged from the latest research carried out by the ARIIX Observatory, commissioned to AstraRicerche, about Italians’ wellness during the pandemic.

The research aimed at investigating Italians’ health, wellness, nutrition, lifestyle habits, and how they changed due to the pandemic, focusing especially on smart working and work-life balance.

With the ARIIX Observatory, we wanted to investigate the relationship of Italians with everything related to their wellbeing. Work represents an important component in people’s lives, capable of influencing all other areas, and smart working has changed many of these rules. ARIIX has always aimed to help people take care of their wellbeing, and that’s why we recommend choosing products made from natural sources, capable of generating positive effects in the short and long term.

Icham Benallal, Area Director EMEA/CIS

Although in the first months the positive aspects of agile work far outweighed the negative ones, now we’re witnessing a turnaround and some fears have emerged. Among the aspects that most worry the smart worker is the deterioration of their physical appearance, which they try to react to through more intense physical activity, a healthy diet and greater use of personal care products.

49% of the smart workers stated they’ve paid more attention to their diet, almost four people out of ten have used more skincare products, while 33% have increased their use of hair products. One out of three has focused more on physical activity instead.

One last interesting fact – while women take extra care of their body, skin and hair by increasing specific products’ daily usage, men are more dedicated to physical activity and pay more attention to nutrition.

The research has made a great impact and demonstrated to be extremely insightful to picture the Italians’ wellbeing actual status, so much so that the results have been reported by the major Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, in its latest digital edition. Read the full article here.


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