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7 Tips to Go Green with ARIIX for Earth Day

It’s Earth Day, and ARIIX is going green! Join us by following these 7 tips to help you minimize your carbon footprint and join the ARIIX green squad on Earth Day. 1. Stick it to straws. Purchase reusable straws that are an easy and convenient way to help critters in our oceans.2. Save plastic bottles. To date, we have prevented over 52 million plastic bottles from entering our landfills and oceans. And it’s all thanks to you and the amazing Puritii® Tritan Plastic Bottles. 3. Reuse & repurpose. Think about how you can repurpose something before you throw it away. Did you know some talented ARIIX Reps use their empty Optimal bottles to hold their spare nails and screws?4. Walk more, drive less. One of the easiest things you can do for the environment is to walk or bike when you can. Plus, it’s excellent for your heart, too!5. Feel the breeze. Before cranking up your AC on hot summer days, consider choosing fresh air instead and open the window.6. Eat your veggies. Most experts agree that eating more veggies and less meat is beneficial to the environment. So fill up on what’s best for you — leafy greens and colorful vegetables.7. Hit the lights. It’s a no-brainer — when you leave a room, flip off the lights. Not only will you save on your electric bill, but you’ll help the environment, too.Can you think of another way to go green? Tell us on Facebook! Tag @ARIIXCorporate  and use #ARIIXgreensquad to share your tips with ARIIX Reps across the world.

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