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Welcome Dr. Aigul Soltanbek to the ARIIX Wellness Council

BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxin-free living, is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Aigul Soltanbek to the ARIIX Wellness Council. The ARIIX Wellness Council is composed of an exclusive group of extraordinary health, wellness and fitness professionals from around the world that help shape the decisions and direction of the ARIIX wellness product line.

Dr. Aigul Soltanbek is a graduate of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, where she completed an internship at Japan China Hospital and Munich Hospital in Munich, Germany. Currently, she is a practicing rehabilitologist, therapist, acupuncturist and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and integrative medicine. She is also the Chief Rehabilitologist in Almaty Center for Natural Health, member of the CIS Rehabilitologist Association, member of China Acupuncturists Association and author of the course Women Health Key Points.

By combining Western medical science with an Eastern approach in her practice, Dr. Soltanbek creates and implements special treatment programs that improve and maintain the overall health of her patients.

“The human body has unlimited potential,” said Dr. Soltanbek, who dedicates her talents toward educating people on biological, mental and social health. As the author of a blog about health, she has influenced and transformed thousands of lives and continues to educate and inspire her followers to make positive changes for lasting results.

“I believe in the benefits of high-quality supplementation,” she said. “Bioactive additives, like any food, should be natural and healthy. The future of medicine is in nutrition, vitamins and the importance of a adapting a preventative lifestyle.”

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Soltanbek to the Wellness Council,” said Deanna Latson, ARIIX Chief Product Officer. “Her dedication to helping others and commitment in sharing her ideas and expertise are passions we share, and we look forward to her contributions.”

ARIIX is a unique and disruptive international opportunity company that creates efficacious, toxin-free products developed through collaboration with world-renowned experts and marketed through independent representatives. Founded in 2011, ARIIX is one of the most disruptive and fastest-growing companies in the industry with a presence in over 40 countries around the world. For more information, please visit or call 1-855-GO-ARIIX.

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