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Introducing the ARIIX NextGen Awards Program

We are so excited to introduce our new awards program for new ARIIX Reps: ARIIX NextGen! Are you ready to compete for the chance to choose a business mentor and win exciting prizes?!

NextGen gives the top eight NEW Reps in our Power Ranking system a chance to shine. Participants in the NextGen program are compared relative to every other new Representative on (1) Growth, (2) Leadership Development, (3) Earnings, (4) Customer and Member Acquisition and (5) Retention.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. ARIIX Representatives who enroll during 2019 or 2020 may participate in the 2020 term. At the end of each quarter, the top eight new Representatives will be selected in the following regions and known as NextGen 8:
    • Greater China
    • North America (Australia, Canada, U.S. and Mexico)
    • APAC (Japan, Taiwan and Korea)
    • Europe and CIS2
  2. Each of the NextGen 8 will have the chance to choose (in order of rank) a mentor from among the ARIIX Management Team: Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Deanna Latson, Riley Timmer, Ian Chandler, Wenhan Zhang, Cameron Bott, Vivian Chung, Scott Schwendiman, Phil Lewis and Brandon John.
  3. If a member of NextGen 8 falls out of qualification, then the new NextGen 8 winner who takes their place will choose a mentor from among those still available.
  4. At the end of Q4, the final NextGen 8 will be recognized and rewarded with the following fabulous prizes:
    • #1 Ranking: 100,000 AOR Credits + an exclusive recognition item + online recognition on ARIIX social media platforms + recognition throughout the next year + VIP experience and team celebration party together with final (Q4) mentor on ARIIX AOR Incentive Trip that winner redeems AOR Credits for
    • #2 Ranking: 50,000 AOR Credits
    • #3 Ranking: 25,000 AOR Credits
    • #4–8 Ranking: 10,000 AOR Credits5. Final Q4 NextGen8 winners are not eligible to compete in subsequent competitions. Other Terms and Conditions apply.

Time to get busy and rise up!

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