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ARIIX is 8, and we want to celebrate with prizes and promos!

ARIIX turned 8, and we want to celebrate with you!

To get the party started, ARIIX is offering you three ways to win Reward Dollars, Moa and Opportunity Credits!

The ARIIX8 Contest allows you to earn entries to win 888 Reward Dollars or TWO boxes of Moa with 8 ways to play on social media.*

Play once, twice, or all 8 ways during the month of July for more entries to win! Eight winners will be chosen at random and announced on August 8. So good luck and get posting! Be sure to tag #ARIIX8 in your post and have your profile set to public to receive credit for your entry.


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During the month of July, post your Transformation story to the ARIIX Connect™️ app to gain 888 ARIIX Opportunity Credits AND 888 Reward Dollars.** Not only will you start growing your business by inspiring your prospects and team to achieve their own Transformation story, but you can also use the Reward Dollars and OCs you receive to purchase your preferred ARIIX Lifestyle Perks — ARIIX Loyalty Shopping, ARIIX Travel and ARIIX Diamonds.

You only have a couple weeks left, so don’t wait! Download the app and share your story today!

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Sad that you didn’t earn Reward Dollars when you purchased ARIIX products? You don’t have to be!

Now, when you join ARIIX Travel in the month of July, you’ll receive historical Reward Dollars from all of your past ARIIX purchases, up to the maximum 13,334! Remember, for every dollar you spend on ARIIX products, you earn one back in Reward Dollars, and with this limited-time promotion, you earn back all of the Reward Dollars you missed out on! Imagine all of the places you can experience! Or use this opportunity to share your Reward Dollars with friends and prospects and earn cash back when they book.

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