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ARIIX Introduces Brand-New Business Tools

What’s better than a new business tool from ARIIX designed to get your business growing? How about FOUR new business tools, designed to help share and build your business like never before!

ARIIX Connect

A revolutionary and proprietary mobile app that allows Representatives a whole new level of flexibility in managing their business. With ARIIX Connect, you can share video links, product information, compensation plan content and training materials. You can even enroll prospects and manage product orders from your mobile phone! Download ARIIX Connect today!

ARIIX Success Guide

A unique new workbook that walks new Representatives through six simple steps to success. The Success Guide helps you establish concrete goals and timelines, makes proven suggestions for your first 30 days as a new ARIIX Representative, and provides useful tips for following up with prospects. Easy-to-follow forms and checklists help keep you on track as you build your business.

Power of 4

It’s as easy as it sounds — a quick video overview of how to get your ARIIX business off the ground. In your first four weeks as an ARIIX Representative, invite four ambitious partners to join you on your journey to financial independence. Help those four people duplicate your success, and there’s no limit to what you can earn with ARIIX! This video will show you how easy it really is.Watch NowSeal of Approval

A completely new video tour through ARIIX’s proprietary laboratories and manufacturing facilities. The Seal of Approval video helps potential prospects understand the painstaking processes ARIIX scientists and product developers follow to ensure the highest level of quality and safety in all our products.Watch NowCheck out these incredible sales tools in your ARIIX Connect mobile app or your xOffice™ library today!

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