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The Glamorous World of ARIIX Diamonds

The Lifestyle You Want
You join ARIIX for world-class products and the endless opportunities for transformation. We thoughtfully craft each product for optimal benefit, giving you the all-encompassing transformation you need.

But we don’t stop there. We are continually seeking ways to offer you the lifestyle you want. That’s why we are introducing ARIIX Diamonds.

ARIIX Diamonds is the new Lifestyle Perk where the bling you purchase gives you the confidence to do more and be more.

The Partnership
ARIIX partners with a premier jewelry and gemstone wholesaler. The expert casters with whom he works have proven excellence in the industry through decades of experience. They can tailor-make anything you wish — even pieces found in renowned diamond districts. Get the same glamour and quality while saving on cost!

Endless Options and Guaranteed Quality for Less
We know that not every member of the ARIIX family has the same taste. That’s why we present you with many different options. Choose from ARIIX-inspired designs, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry, charm bracelets, loose diamonds, or customize your own design for just the right look.

When you browse selections of ARIIX Diamonds, you’ll see the appraised price of the jewels and the price you’ll pay with ARIIX. As demonstrated by the appraisal value, the quality and craftsmanship of these diamonds are the same as popular retail brands. But because you’re with ARIIX, you’ll pay less.

What’s more, you can cash in your Reward Dollars on diamonds, just like your other fantastic Lifestyle Perks. Use your Reward Dollars to save even more on the price after the ARIIX contribution.

Remember, you earn one Reward Dollar for every dollar you spend on ARIIX products. In other words, the more you spend on the ARIIX brands you love, the more you save on your new bling!

Leader Collections
The ARIIX experience is undoubtedly inspiring. Who wouldn’t want to show off their love for the ARIIX opportunity with a three-carat diamond? If you feel the same, you’ll love our new Leader Collections!

We invited ARIIX leaders from around the world to curate personal collections, inspired by their taste and life stories. Now, you can show off your unique style while reflecting on the success that ARIIX can bring. Who will inspire you?

Cultured Stones
The lab-manufactured diamonds of ARIIX Diamonds offer a high purity rating. They are as brilliant as the variety produced under the Earth. The difference is that cultured diamonds are more environmentally sustainable and generally less expensive. Browse the collection to see if they are a good fit for you.

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