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The Power of Your Transformation Story

The ARIIX Transformation
One of ARIIX’s best attributes is our inability to settle for average. We are always looking for new ways to innovate and go above and beyond. We thoughtfully craft our world-class product lines, our award-winning compensation plan and our rewarding Lifestyle Perks to truly transform your life.

The stories of those whose lives have been transformed by ARIIX are your most powerful sales tool. They enable you to share original stories of real experiences that can motivate and encourage your prospects to strive for their own Transformation story — from reducing the appearance of wrinkles and getting healthy, to attaining the potential for financial freedom.

With the right story, you will inspire your team and prospects to set and achieve higher goals, powering your business to new heights.

Now, you can easily find, post, share and collect Transformation stories in the ARIIX Connect app.

Curate Collections
Curate groups of stories based on product, user, or any other similarity you might find useful for your business. You might have a collection strictly dedicated to female weight loss stories, one for financial growth and one for travel stories. When you have a prospect that demonstrates an interest in a particular brand or Lifestyle Perk, access your collection and find the best post to motivate them.

Search for the Right Story
One of the best features within the Transformation portion of the ARIIX Connect app is the search function. Search unique stories from around the world, in more than 10 different languages, to find the one that inspires you!

Share Now for Rewards!

What are you waiting for? Start motivating your peers, driving your team and inspiring the world. Remember, the more you post, the more others will, too. Together we can build stories that give all of us greater power to share our amazing products and the ARIIX lifestyle. Share your story today.

Plus, if you post your Transformation story from July 4, 2019 until July 31, 2019 you will receive 888 ARIIX Opportunity Credits AND 888 Reward Dollars!* So don’t hesitate!

Still not sure how to share your story? View the informational webinar or learn more with the Transformation FAQ.

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