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ARIIX is 8, so let’s celebrate!

Today, ARIIX celebrated our 8th year in business — and boy, did we celebrate!  Over seven thousand people gathered in Yokohama, Japan to share in the excitement of the MANY new additions to the ARIIX experience, from Lifestyle Perks to tools to grow your business and motivate your team. Start enhancing your life and elevating your experience!

ARIIX Lifestyle Perks
We never settle for ordinary. That’s why we’re continually looking for new ways to elevate your experience, channel the collective buying power we’ve attained over the past eight years, and then pay it back to you. Now, we’re making some big additions to your ARIIX Lifestyle Perks!

So how does it work? For every dollar you spend with ARIIX, you earn another back in Reward Dollars. From there, cash your Reward Dollars in on one of your Lifestyle Perks: ARIIX Loyalty Shopping, ARIIX Diamonds and ARIIX Travel. Are you excited to get started on your new, glamorous lifestyle? Visit to learn more.

ARIIX Loyalty Shopping
Do you want to enjoy the entire 360° suite of ARIIX products, but your monthly budget limits you? Now you can upgrade your everyday with exclusive savings on the ARIIX brands you love.

Enjoy the same high-quality ARIIX products you know and love, set apart by the ARIIX Seal of Approval, while saving on the price! We reward your loyalty with exclusive insider savings, and you can choose to lower the price even further by cashing in your Reward Dollars!

What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

ARIIX Diamonds
We’ve partnered with a premier jewelry and gemstone wholesaler to bring you a Lifestyle Perk that gives you the confidence to do more and be more. With ARIIX Diamonds, choose from ARIIX-inspired designs, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry, charm bracelets, loose diamonds, or customize your own design.

Benefit from access to exclusive savings on diamonds, plus save even more by cashing in your Reward Dollars. Don’t wait to don your new bling! Start shopping on August 1!

ARIIX Travel
If you haven’t signed up for ARIIX Travel, you’re really missing out! You won’t run out of opportunities to see the world with true savings and the lowest price, guaranteed. Use your Reward Dollars to enjoy more than one million hotels, vacation properties and home rentals worldwide, plus access to all major airlines, popular cruise packages, excursions, adventures, guided tours and more!

But what makes ARIIX Travel truly Disruptive by Design? The added thought we put into your ideal lifestyle. We know that time is valuable, and we don’t want you to miss out on the perks of ARIIX Travel even when you’re at home. Now, you can share your Reward Dollars with your friends and family and get CASH BACK when they book!

They save a dollar; you earn a dollar. It’s that simple!

There are no limits to how much you can share, and the more you help others explore the world, the more you earn back in cash. Join Now!

Transformation Stories
Being part of ARIIX is transformational — from the lifestyle it brings to the health it provides. Now, you have a new way to harness the power of your Transformation story and the stories of other Representatives and ARIIX customers across the globe.

Use the Transformation section of the ARIIX Connect app™ to post your Transformation story. If you don’t have the right story to inspire a particular prospect or member of your team, search unique stories from around the world in more than 10 different languages to find the perfect one!

Start motivating your peers, driving your team and inspiring the world. Download the ARIIX Connect app and share your story today.

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ARIIX8 Contest
The ARIIX8 Contest will keep the 8th anniversary celebration going for the next month! From July 4 through August 1, we’ll have eight ways to play ARIIX8 on social media. Each time you post, you’ll receive an entry for a chance to win 888 Reward Dollars or TWO boxes of MOA!

Play once, twice, or all eight ways for extra entries to win! Plus, if you share your Transformation video on social media and the ARIIX Connect app™, you’ll get DOUBLE entries! Make sure to tag #ARIIX8 and have your profile set to public to receive your entry for a chance to win. View the contest rules and start playing today! Good luck!

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